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601 Waverly Journal, Sept. 9, 1947
Fred S. Dennis was a retired farmer and school teacher, having taught in the Waverly school a number of years. He was married to Miss Effie Woodmansee October 11, 1894. She preceded him in death August 15, 1943.
Surviving are three sons, F. L., of St. Louis; Lorain, of Kalamazoo, Mich.; and Verne, of Waverly; and two daughters, Mrs. William Ladage, Jr., of Waverly, and Mrs. Horace M. Luce of Springfield. 
DENNIS Frederick Seward (I13380)
602 We are unsure from which line Chester Dennis descends. Chester took his DNA some years ago and has since died so we are unable to do a more extensive test. DENNIS Chester (I457)
603 We have several "John Dennis" families in Illinois 1850 census.
John M., Julia Taylor Dennis and their five children were listed in Macoupin County. John M's father, James [b. 1798] was a brother of Levi [b. ca. 1778], Levi's son, John [b. 1814] married to Melinda, was living in neighboring county Morgan County. 
DENNIS John (I81)
604 We stopped at Salt lick church(Bath County), there is a very old cemetery there.
Graves scattered all over the hillside. It wasn't well maintained but it wasn't bad.
I found a wrought iron fenced area. There were two graves in it. The stone had fallen but it was a large monument. I could only read one side of it.
Salt lick is in Bath County.

Mary Y. wife of
Levi Igo and
Daughter of Johnny & Sarah Dennis
Died April 20, 1875
44 years 7 mo 13 ds

2 foot markers initials
J.Y.D. M.Y.I.

Note from Jeannie Pickett 
DENNIS (Igo) Mary Yocum (I10224)
605 What was this man's name? Several civil war documents were signed James Jesse Dennis, while others signed Jesse Dennis. Could his given name have been James, but he prefered to use his middle name? Jesse was a popular Dennis name during his era. So, was his name James Jesse, or Jesse James? DENNIS Jesse J (I10853)
606 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. MARTIN Glenda Ann (I485)
607 William is believed to have moved to Allen Co., KY with his brother before 1870.

1900 Census - Butlersville, Allen, Kentucky
Name Age
William A Dennis 55
Margaret O Dennis 55
William T(Thomas) Dennis 19
John L Dennis 15
Marvin Dennis 12

DENNIS William "Bill" Armstrong (I90)
608 William James Tennis served in WWI fron 1917-1919 in the US. Army. He received a Bachelor of Laws(LLB) degree ant was serving in the US Alchohol Tax Unit when he died of a heart attack at age 46. He was married and had six children. TENNIS/TENNISON William James (I1223)
609 William Thomas was living in is father's household in the 1900 Census for Allen Co., KY. Age 19 and the oldest child living at home.
By 1910 census of Buthersville, + Thomas, Allen Co., KY, he had been married 3 years to Gertie and had a two year old child, Cecil R. Dennis.
Census reveal that he was renting a farms. He eventually moved his family to Indianapolis, Marion Co., Indiana. 
DENNIS William Thomas (I1375)
610 Winnie Elizabeth BRIGHT was dau. of William Thomas Bright and Sally P SKAGGS TENNISON George (I602)
611 Would surmise that death was caused by a complication in birth of youngest son, Jesse, born three days prior. DENNIS (Ingram) Castriva (Mary?) (I11026)

SMC James Tennison bound to William Loker till he arrive of age 21 to learn occupation as pilot. After his father died, his mother married William RICHARDSON. His younger brother and sister started using the Richardson surname.

Moved to Waynesboro, Burke Co., GA before marriage to Lenny Newsome.
Some researchers list James birth place as Warren Co., GA in 1788

John Tilman did research on this line. 
TENNISON James (I652)
613 Y-Search DNA place him in our family. Contact person: PAM Tennison-Rindt
TENNISON Joseph Stokes (I639)
614 [Proof of relationship between the two earliest Tennison brothers]
Charles County Maryland Circuit Court Records, Liber H#2, Page 366
13 Aug 1720; Recorded at request of George Diamand, planter: Deposition of John Vadry: Justinian Teneson told him that his eldest brother, John Teneson, was born in Holland and that his mother was big with child with him when they went over to England to Yarmouth where Justinian was born; spoken to Vadry about 40 years ago; /s/ John Briscoe.
Wife Elizabeth was a "Redemptioner", a title given to those who indentured themselves for passage to the Province. John Tennison married her before the 5 year indenture period had expired. He promised to pay Peter JOHNSON for the time remaining.
Johns' Sons John and Absolam were named executive of his will. Absolom was under the age of 17.

=== Contributed by Ralph D. Smith
Tennison, John, St. Mary's County, 20th Dec., 1682; 8th Feb., 1682.
To eld. son John, personalty in addition to property already given him.
To son-in-law William Cheshire and Mary his wife, son Matthew, and Henry Fernely, personalty.
To sons Justinian and Absalom, exc., plantation and all other land; in event of death of either without issue, survivor to inherit deceased's portion.
Test: Jno. Buttler, Vincent Mansell, Wm. Goddard, Thos. Parker. MCW 4.16.
John Tennison 8.91 I SM £209.12.9 Mar 29 1683
Appraisers: John Coode, Vincent Mansell,
John Tenneson 8.483 A SM #50313 #23125 Oct 8 1685
Payments to: John Mudge, Nehemiah Blakeston, Justinian Gerrard, Henry Fornly, Frances Knott, Thomas Grunwin, Abraham Hooke, John Coode, Pattrick Spencer note to Henry Fornly.
Executor: Justinian Tennison.
Richard Foster 4.345 A SM #14228 #15169 Oct 9 1677
Payments to: Thomas Lucas, John Tennison, John Groome, John Smith, John Blackiston, William Rosewell for Stephen Murty, Benjamin Gargill, Benjamin Salley paid to Lidia Salley (widow), Edward Husband, Capt, John Coode for Mr. Peter Hughes, boatswine of Capt. Partis' ship, Capt, Harrison for Capt. Gerrard Slye.
Administrator: Vincent Mansfield (also Vincent Mansell)
John Sheppard 3.155 A CA £116.18.0 £120.12.7 Apr 4 1677
Part owner of the Barke "Mary of the Port Royall" in Jamaica.
Legatees: Mr. John Tennison, Mr. George Hodder.
Administrator: William Adams (mariner) of Topsham, England, master of "Thomas and Mary" of London.

=== Contributed by Ralph D. Smith

Mar. 25 and Apr., 28, 1658 - Maryland Provincial Court (held at St. Leonard's, Calvert Co.) David Feriera vs. John Tunnis [sic.] At the Mar. 25, 1658 Court, a warrant was issued to the Sheriff of St. Mary's Co. to have John Tunnis at the Apr. Court next to answer the complaint of David Feriera. At the Court of Apr. 28, 1658 upon the demand of David Feriera against John Tunnis for 372 lbs. of tobacco the defendant acknowledged 356 lbs. of tobacco and hath put in Mr. Thomas Belcher security for the said 356 lbs. as aforesaid which Robert Kingsberry the attorney of the plaintiff hath accepted.
Source: Archives of Maryland, Vol. 41, pp. 48 and 73.

Apr. 12, 1659 - Maryland Provincial Court. Capt. Sampson Waring demands writ against John Tunnis [sic] in an action of defamation. Warrant to the Sheriff of St. Mary's Co. to have John Tunnis at the Apr. 20 Court to answer the complaint. Writ to Sheriff to warn Edward Turner subpoena 500 lbs. tobacco "to testify in ditt. cause."
Source: Archives of Maryland, Vol. 41, p. 267.
John TENNIS/Tennyson came to America about 1650 from England, possibly with Thomas Gerrard's adventurers to Maryland. The first record of his name in Maryland is in 1651 when he witnessed the will of Nathaniel Stiles.
From depostion records taken in 1653, he is thought to have been born about 1628 in Holland. His wife, Elizabeth (maiden name unknown), was an indentured servant to Peter Johnson for five years, but married John Tennisson before her indenture expired. Elizabeth is believed to have been born about 1634 in England. John Tennisson promised to pay Johnson for the time that Elizabeth did not serve. Records have not been fround of that payment.

In 1656 John bought land from Richard Preston in St. Mary's County, on Leonard's Creek called "Stratupt." In 1667 he bought additional land from Thomas Gerrard. This is where he lived and his homplace was known as "Persimmon Point" and there is a creek in St. Clement's Hundred called "Tennisson's Creek" named for his property line.

John Tennison's name appears in court records several times during the next few years and in 1673 he was before the court and "desired the earmark of his cattle and brand mark for horses" to be a " fire fork with three prongs."
But the most interesting court appearance was in 1682 when John was summoned to court on 25h Oct to hear his wife's complaints against her husband. The court records show that "she could not live peaceable and quietly with him .....prayed allowance of competent maintenance might be awarded her." John denied the charges and thought them unreasonable but did confess in court that he never entertained the love and respect for his wife and neither afforded her the countenance in his house due for man to wife. John had banished Elizabeth from his home some 2-3 years earlier. Elizabeth was rewarded one bed and furniture, all wearing apparel and yearly for time to come 300 pounds meat, 3 bushels corn, 100 pounds tobacco, during her natural life. This quite possibly is the first divorce on American soil!!

His will was probated just four months after this court appearance. He appears to be a man of means as the inventory shows he owned Delft china place settings, and apparently was not illiterate as his inventory included two Bibles and several books. At the time of his death he had, among other items, several parcels of land, two slaves and could afford a serving maid who is mentioned in his will.

Elizabeth remarried shortly after John's death to James Green (in 1684) and they soon brought suit aginst Justinian (executor of John's will). James Green continued the suit after Elizabeth's death (1684/1701) to get her portion of John's estate. He eventually won.
Coode, John, St. Mary's County, 27th Feb.,, 1708; 28th Mch., 1709.
To eld. son John, and hrs., "Pendreine" adjoining Mattapany in St. Clements hundred.
To 2nd son William and hrs., ""Pissimore Point" where he now lives, and land adjoining where John Tenison lived,, also to 2 eld. sons named jointly, land and island bought from Richd. Foster,
To son Richard and hrs., "Second Thought" above Rock Creek in freshes of Patuxent-also jointly with 3 daus, Mary, Anne and Winifred, mill at Tomacookin and land adjoining bought from Ozwell Dash.
To wife Eliza:, extx. during life, dwelling plantation "Bluff Point,," running down Manalopson, and stock thereon for support of child. she has by me.
Test: Philip Briscoe, Sr., Luke Barber, Edward Barber., Sam'll. Williamson. 12, 341,
TENNISON John (I13414)
615 [This information came from researcher Jim Gabbert of 245 North Point Street, San Franciso CA, 94132 in letter/ phone call to Sue Green in 1994. Mr Gabbert's gggreat mother was Elizabeth Tennison Gabbert]

Elizabeth married Azariach in 1820 and divorced him in 1826. Divorce document can be found in the "Tennessee Divores, 1797-1858, (See Sources)
She took their young sons with her. She told the court that he was not taking care of her during her illness. She married her doctor (Michael Gabbert) in 1827. and had three children with Gabbert. It is unclear if the two (or 3) Dennis children used the surname DENNIS or adopted the name GABBERT.
The Gabbert / Tennison family was in Fayette Co., TN in the 1830 census with 2 males under the age of 5 (one possible Dennis), 2 males 10-15 age group (Dennis males); Michel Gabbert age 30-40, and female 15-20; 1 Female 40-50. Elizabeth should be listed as 30 yrs. age.
In the 1840 census the family is in Memphis, Shelby county, TN, next door to Fayette Co, TN and close to Memphis, TN.
In 1850 the family has one son living with them, Solon Gabbert, age 17 (b 1833) and a student of medicine.
Mr. Gabbert died 10 Oct. 1855 (Death date from Microfilm at U of Memphis Library-and Memphis- Shellby Co., Publication)
DENNIS (Gabbert) Elizabeth MNU (I66)
616 “One member of the Tennisson family, Hiram Tennisson ended up in Cos County, OR. By way of Arkansas, from Rutherford Co., TN. There he was sheriff and he owned a hotel. He spelled his name Tennison in Oregan.
Source: H. Tennyson, Genform, 2001 
TENNISON William Hiram (I291)

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