Menifee Co, Kentucky



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DENNIS Charles F  ca 1902Menifee Co, Kentucky I13225
2 DENNIS Earl W  31 Jul 1914Menifee Co, Kentucky I1486
3 DENNIS Edward  26 Nov 1876Menifee Co, Kentucky I11811
4 DENNIS George Estill  25 Jun 1912Menifee Co, Kentucky I1473
5 DENNIS Henry Clay  5 Sep 1910Menifee Co, Kentucky I13111
6 DENNIS Jesse J  30 Apr 1873Menifee Co, Kentucky I11810
7 DENNIS Olema  1907Menifee Co, Kentucky I12670
8 DENNIS Ollie  Apr 1893Menifee Co, Kentucky I12666
9 DENNIS Ona  Feb 1897Menifee Co, Kentucky I12667
10 DENNIS Ora  Aug 1891Menifee Co, Kentucky I12665
11 DENNIS Ottie  Feb 1899Menifee Co, Kentucky I12668
12 DENNIS Pollie  1880Menifee Co, Kentucky I10294
13 DENNIS Ray E  12 Feb 1932Menifee Co, Kentucky I1489
14 DENNIS Roy Butler  28 Sep 1904Menifee Co, Kentucky I859
15 DENNIS Ruby May  10 Nov 1917Menifee Co, Kentucky I13229
16 DENNIS Russell Benton  25 Aug 1915Menifee Co, Kentucky I13228
17 DENNIS Stanley  1902Menifee Co, Kentucky I12669
18 DENNIS Stanley Robert  13 Feb 1917Menifee Co, Kentucky I1487
19 DENNIS Stephen James  20 Mar 1876Menifee Co, Kentucky I1459
20 DENNIS Taylor Clay  15 Mar 1884Menifee Co, Kentucky I1469
21 DENNIS Vernie Reed  2 Dec 1906Menifee Co, Kentucky I10324
22 DENNIS William Floyd  7 Aug 1880Menifee Co, Kentucky I1438
23 DENNIS William Lewis  5 Mar 1870Menifee Co, Kentucky I1466
24 DENNIS (Egelston) Flora M.  29 Sep 1891Menifee Co, Kentucky I1470
25 DENNIS (Johnson) Amanda E  9 Feb 1872Menifee Co, Kentucky I12662
26 DENNIS (Mnu) Delma Mae  1 Jan 1919Menifee Co, Kentucky I12614
27 DENNIS (Peck ) Sarah Maranda  11 Oct 1867Menifee Co, Kentucky I1465
28 DENNIS (Sexton) Julia Lee  15 Mar 1882Menifee Co, Kentucky I10321
29 HATTON Zelma  29 May 1919Menifee Co, Kentucky I13345
30 MARTIN (Dennis) Elizabeth Myrtle  6 Mar 1902Menifee Co, Kentucky I10323
31 NICKELL (Dennis) Nannie B.  12 Apr 1875Menifee Co, Kentucky I10302
32 PENCE (Dennis) Lillie  6 Nov 1922Menifee Co, Kentucky I1488


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 COX (Dennis) Rosa Belle  Jun 1913Menifee Co, Kentucky I10288
2 DENNIS Campbell Porter  2 May 1925Menifee Co, Kentucky I10301
3 DENNIS Charles F  30 Oct 1911Menifee Co, Kentucky I13225
4 DENNIS General Lafayette  29 Jan 1901Menifee Co, Kentucky I10165
5 DENNIS James Asberry  29 Mar 1959Menifee Co, Kentucky I10303
6 DENNIS Jesse J  1 Mar 1919Menifee Co, Kentucky I11810
7 DENNIS John Ezra  27 Jan 1964Menifee Co, Kentucky I10289
8 DENNIS Roy Butler  13 Mar 1919Menifee Co, Kentucky I859
9 DENNIS Ruby May  30 Sep 1919Menifee Co, Kentucky I13229
10 DENNIS Solomon George Washington  1916Menifee Co, Kentucky I10167
11 DENNIS Stephen James  30 May 1962Menifee Co, Kentucky I1459
12 DENNIS William Lewis  Mar 1900Menifee Co, Kentucky I1466
13 DENNIS William Thomas  18 Aug 1942Menifee Co, Kentucky I11077
14 DENNIS (Buchanan) Margaret Emily  30 May 1904Menifee Co, Kentucky I12258
15 DENNIS (Chaplan) Gertrude  27 Sep 1933Menifee Co, Kentucky I1580
16 DENNIS (Johnson) Amanda E  11 Nov 1948Menifee Co, Kentucky I12662
17 DENNIS (Osborn) Rebecca J  ca 1920Menifee Co, Kentucky I1458
18 PROFITT (Dennis) Martha Correna  6 Apr 1930Menifee Co, Kentucky I10174
19 RATLIFF James Kelse  11 Mar 1907Menifee Co, Kentucky I12970


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   1871Menifee Co, Kentucky F4259
2 BROOKS / BROOKS (Dennis)  Menifee Co, Kentucky F4030
3 DENNIS / DENNIS (Johnson)  5 Jan 1888Menifee Co, Kentucky F4172
4 DENNIS / DENNIS (Mnu)  1 Feb 1874Menifee Co, Kentucky F3427
5 DUNAWAY / DUNAWAY (Dennis)  23 Nov 1884Menifee Co, Kentucky F4166
6 MILLER / DENNIS  19 Apr 1900Menifee Co, Kentucky F4165
7 SMIDDY / SMIDDY (Dennis)  6 Aug 1880Menifee Co, Kentucky F4164