Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen (MORRIS) Wilma Anita  1891Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I1791
2 DENNIS Alonzo Grant  4 Apr 1864Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I13379
3 DENNIS Charles A  20 Sep 1865Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I1285
4 DENNIS Clara  17 Feb 1864Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I1284
5 DENNIS Elizabeth Ella  20 Nov 1858Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I1282
6 DENNIS Francis Lorain  16 Apr 1904Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I393
7 DENNIS Fred Allen  25 Jan 1876Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I1701
8 DENNIS Frederick Seward  18 Aug 1866Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I13380
9 DENNIS Harry Chester  18 Feb 1907Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I890
10 Dennis Ida  ca 1870Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I1616
11 DENNIS James William  11 Apr 1863Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I885
12 DENNIS John W.  2 Aug 1853Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I13377
13 DENNIS Mary Frances  14 Apr 1859Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I13378
14 DENNIS Nancy A  9 Mar 1838Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I13660
15 DENNIS Reubin (Reuben) Cartwright  11 May 1853Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I44
16 DENNIS Thomas Benton  29 Nov 1840Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I42
17 DENNIS Thomas Fletcher  4 May 1861Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I1283
18 DENNIS William Arthur  24 Sep 1861Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I13357
19 DENNIS William Bryan  8 Jan 1897Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I1840
20 DENNIS William H  30 Jul 1846Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I13537
21 DENNIS (Bryant) Jessie Viola  14 Feb 1866Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I886
22 DENNIS (Crain) Lucy A  31 Aug 1850Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I1286
23 DENNIS (Deatherage) Sarah Francis  13 Jul 1837Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I1314
24 DENNIS (Miller) Margaret Louise  26 Feb 1907Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I778
25 DENNIS (Woodmansee) Lauria Effie  28 Mar 1870Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I252
26 LADAGE (Dennis) Mary Mildred  1 Jun 1897Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I1008
27 LADAGE (Dennis) Mildred  1 Jun 1897Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I889
28 MORRIS Willis Grant  18 Jun 1864Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I1274
29 MORRIS-STUART (Dennis) Clara  ca 1873Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I13381
30 SEXTON (Dennis) Mildred Sunbeam  29 Apr 1890Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I1137
31 STILLWELL (Dennis) Sarah Matilda  11 Nov 1874Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I1134
32 VERRY (Dennis) Nettie (Nellie)  4 Nov 1872Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I13382


Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DENNIS Ancil R  8 Jan 1910Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I79
2 DENNIS Charles A  20 Nov 1867Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I1285
3 DENNIS Clara  9 Aug 1865Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I1284
4 DENNIS Elizabeth Tennessee  21 Jan 1914Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I13662
5 DENNIS Gabriel H.  8 May 1895Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I68
6 DENNIS Harry Chester  6 Jan 1908Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I890
7 DENNIS James Henderson  13 Feb 1919Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I1278
8 DENNIS James Levi  27 Jun 1943Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I1133
9 DENNIS James M.  15 Oct 1886Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I77
10 DENNIS John H.  1867Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I41
11 DENNIS John W.  19 Jun 1867Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I13377
12 DENNIS Mary Amanda  Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I13659
13 DENNIS Mary M  7 Mar 1865Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I1277
14 DENNIS Minerva J  21 Mar 1857Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I1280
15 DENNIS Nancy A  Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I13660
16 DENNIS Nancy C  20 Oct 1903Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I1298
17 DENNIS Sheridan (Shird)  10 Oct 1927Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I91
18 DENNIS Thomas G  4 Apr 1905Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I87
19 DENNIS William (M) Americus  11 Feb 1889Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I13374
20 DENNIS William B  21 Mar 1857Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I1281
21 DENNIS William H  15 Jun 1874Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I13537
22 DENNIS William T  30 Jul 1852Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I75
23 DENNIS (Arnett) Sarah R  12 Dec 1865Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I78
24 DENNIS (Arnett) Susan R  12 Feb 1865Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I13587
25 DENNIS (Crain) Lucy A  11 Oct 1878Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I1286
26 DENNIS (Deatherage) Sarah Francis  29 March, 1934Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I1314
27 DENNIS (Miller) Margaret Louise  26 May 2005Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I778
28 DENNIS (Taylor) Mary E  12 Apr 1901Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I13375
29 MINER (Dennis) Elizabeth Susan  15 Dec 1917Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I1300
30 MORRIS Willis Grant  20 Jan 1901Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I1274
31 MORRIS (Dennis) Lydia Ann  5 Feb 1959Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I1844
32 TENNISON/DENNIS Reuben (Reubin)  23 Mar 1883Waverly, Morgan Co, Illinois I13501